Upgrade Firmware


All firmware versions in this page won't be available for the latest hardware encoders. If required, please go to download the corresponding firmware from the following link:
Download Firmware
Video Encoder Pro

Upgrade firmware via IPCManager

  • Run IPCManager if you already installed it
  • Enter username and password
  • Go to Firmware Upgrading-->Add Online IPC
  • Select the encoder and Browse the latest firmware
  • Click "Upgrade" and it will start upgrading immediately
  • Check "Upgrading Status" whether it's upgraded successfully
  • Go back to "IPC Searching" and click "Refresh" to check whether it's upgraded to the latest version
NOTE: It's strongly recommended to upgrade it via IPCManager instead of accessing it from the browser if you're not the professional guys.

Video Tutorial

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Upgrade firmware via IPCManager
Video Tutorial