• Go to Setting->System->Channel->Encode Channel or Decode Channel

  • Add CH3->Click"Modify"->Select Protocol (SQ, RTSP, RTMP, TS[TS, HLS])

  • Enter Device Name->Device Address->Username->Password

  • Click"Confirm" and then CH3 is already added successfully;

SQ means the private protocol for encoders and decoders manufactured by EXVIST;

Add RTSP Stream

Take IP Camera from Hikvision for Example

  • Click "Modify"->Select RTSP from Protocol Dropdown List->Enter Device Name

  • Enter Device Address like rtsp://admin:[email protected]:554/h264/ch1/main/av_stream {Username: admin, Password: 12345}, as username and password are already embedded in the RTSP address, then it's only needed to enter username admin and keep password as blank;

If it's failed to decode RTSP stream of IP cameras from other brands, then we're afraid it might be needed to do integration.

Please note: CH1 might not be available if all decoding channels are added. Then it's necessary to uncheck the checkbox of CH1 to save all channels successfully.

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