What should we do if it prompts you "failed to upgrade" or "upload failure"?

  1. Please double check whether the network connection is normal;

  2. Please select the device(s), click "Cancel" and then click "Upgrade" again;

What should we do if it's failed to detect the encoder via Device Manager after upgrading?

  1. Please double confirm whether the encoder can be powered on and running;

  2. Please manually add one more IP for your PC under the same network segment 1 like 192.168.1.XXX, or else it might cause upgrade failure.

  3. Please follow below steps to upgrade the firmware again if 1st is confirmed:

  • Run Device Manager if you already installed the latest version;

  • Go to Configuration->Change HTTP Port from 80 to 6868;

  • Click Manual Add->Select the device you just manually added;

  • Browse the Latest & correct firmware->Enter User Name and Password->Click "Upgrade"

  • The device will be reboot and you can try to search the device later;

  • If failed to upgrade, please try to connect it to your PC with ethernet cable and try again;

WARNING: Please DO NOT CHANGE the default IP on the device manager.

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