Latency Test

Latency Test from Encoder to Decoder

Latency Test from Encoder to RTSP

Normally it's determined by RTSP player which causes the delay. If possible, that'll be much better to download the following tool to do test.

Test Procedure

  1. Get two computers, 1st PC works as video input while 2nd PC works as video output

  2. Download the following tool and run it on 1st PC;

  1. Run EasyPlayerPro and pull RTSP stream as below:

  1. Run VLC and pull the same RTSP stream as below:

  1. Take out the mobile phone and use the high-speed camera to take pictures of the two computer desktops, then we'll calculate the detailed times of latency, please check below photos:

  1. Inclusion: the latency will be around 100ms if that's played via EasyPlayerPro, but for VLC, that's much higher. In other words, the latency is determined by player itself instead of our encoder/decoder.

NOTE: The theoratic value of latency for encoding is 33.3ms based on the parameters of chips and it's same for decoding.

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