Function Bars

In this section, it allows users to perform different camera functions with these function bars while in live mode. Please see below for an explanation of the different functions available:

Close/Open Audio

Click this button to close or open the speaker from the PC side. If someone is speaking from camera side, the user can click this button to open it, and hear the voice from the camera.

Close/Open Microphone

Click this button to close or open the microphone from the PC side. The user can use a microphone from the PC to talk through the camera.


Click this button to take a screenshot of the live feed. The picture is saved here:

  • Internet Explorer: at the path specified in Configuration->Storage->Local settings->Live snapshot path.

  • Other browsers: The snapshot will prompt the user to save it.

Manual Record

Click this button to manually record video. The video is saved at the path specified in Configuration -> Storage -> Local settings ->Live record path.

Digital Zoom

Click this button to activate the zone selection function. This allows the user to use the mouse to select a zone to zoom in with.

Full Screen

This button allows the user to make the live feed go into full screen mode. Double click the mouse or click the ESC button to exit full screen mode.

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